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Summer Care Routine for Electronics

Middle East is known for its scorching heat in the peak summer months. There is over 13 hours of direct sunlight and the mercury soars even higher than 45C. But we all have adjusted to the climate and don’t let it affect our daily life. But have we done the same for all the electronics we are surrounded with? May be not. So today, let us look at a few things we should be doing to maintain a good summer care routine for our devices

Environment Day’s #OneGreenHabit

World Environment Day is an initiative of United Nations to create awareness and inspire actions for environment protection. Since 1974, the world is been celebrating Environment Day on June 5th, every year. As a responsible recycler, Madenat Recycling celebrates environment day all year long through its actions. So on this special occasion we are encouraging others to contribute in environment sustainability through our campaign, #OneGreenHabit!

5 Global E waste Statistics – 2020

We hope that these statistics will give you a better understating of how gigantic this E Waste problem is. We are doing our bit by recycling the e waste in Dubai Municipality approved and environmentally sound manner. But you need to do your bit of handing over the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment to us for certified recycling and not throwing them in the waste bins or giving to the informal or non-approved recyclers.

What is E-Waste?

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