Batteries RecyCling

Batteries come in various types of shapes and sizes, but most of them contain hazardous materials that make them dangerous if they are not properly disposed of. Batteries could contain many different components that are considered toxic. When batteries are not stored properly after use or are simply thrown away in the trash, these hazardous components can pose a serious threat to environmental health and humans. Recycling batteries ensures that toxic components are removed, resulting in a safer workplace and a healthier environment.

Not sure what to do with your heaps of dead Batteries? Madenat Al Nokhba Recycling LLC can collect and/or receive batteries of all shapes, sizes, and volumes for proper recycling. We process the batteries on-site and send others to our collaborative local and international partners for the proper recycling of millions of batteries for thousands of companies over the years. Recycling batteries conserves valuable materials, such as plastic and metal.


We offer complete battery recycling solutions & services for our clients across the UAE. We make the recycling of batteries an easy and stress-free experience. Our responsibility and strict compliance with Health and Safety regulations ensure environmental safety and the safety and security of those involved in handling waste batteries at every step of the recycling process.

From these batteries, valuable metals are recovered so that they can be converted into active cathode materials for the production of new rechargeable batteries. From battery to battery, preserving the environment and the earth’s natural resources.We work hand in hand with the authorized regulatory bodies and most importantly we know how to reduce your liability and administrative costs.

Here’s what we do

  1. Assess your recycling requirements based on the types and quantities of batteries at your site.
  2. Establish a collection and recycling program.
  3. Educate staff on safe packaging and disposal while providing guidelines to ensure battery shipments are delivered safely.

kinds of batteries we can recycle

  1. Lithium-ion.
  2. Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd)
  3. Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS).
  4. Lead Acid
  5. Alkaline & Carbon Zinc
  6. Mercury Cell (Small Dry Cell Batteries)

Team up with us for an all-inclusive battery recycling service